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What is it?
Speechcraft is a short, seminar-style presentation that teaches basic Toastmasters skills: speaking and evaluating. Toastmasters members build their meeting management skills by leading the seminar. It’s a great way to attract members to an existing club or begin forming a new club.

How it works:

  • You can choose how you want to do the presentation!
  • Do sessions in four, six or eight weeks
  • 1-2 hours per session

Speechcraft may be:
Presented as part of the Toastmasters meeting which makes it easier for participants to become members at the conclusion of the presentation.

  • Invite 5-10 people
  • Devote 30 minutes of each meeting to presenting Speechcraft

Presented as a seminar-style presentation (outside of club meeting):

  • You can invite more people
  • Can be tailored to any group or company
  • A great way to form a new club

How to get started: