Messages From District Trio

Alifiya l. Lakdawala, DTM

District Director

Greetings from your District 20 Director

“Everything is going to be fine in the end.
If it’s not fine it’s not the end.”
― Oscar Wilde

As we are geared for the new term of the Toastmasters, I take privilege to address fellow Toastmasters who stood during the Rough times.

During this global pandemic situation, I am proud of Members of District 20 for being in forefront in conducting Virtual Meetings, be it Regular Club meetings, Joint Club meetings, Division Sponsored Toastmasters Meetings with members across the globe. District Initiatives in holding special meetings with International officers. I could say that district 20 is in the forefront in organizing Virtual contests, most of the members have their taken Zoom Meetings as their passion and excelled to next level in conducting not just Toastmasters meetings. Thanks to our members who made this possible. 

Moreover, we can share testimonials of our members who how they have stayed motivated and inspired others during this situation.

Despite odds, our District comprising of Area and Division Directors have kept the spirit of Toastmasters alive with their constant connection with the Clubs. The results are quite evident with the Area Visits which is among the top in the Region. This year District is striving to achieve District Success plan without compromising on the core values, Quality club meetings, and providing value for Toastmasters membership.

This year we have seen the momentum among Arabic clubs which is a great sign towards realization of our District vision set last year, which was “To Empower Nationals & Youngsters through Toastmasters”, we can achieve this if we could introduce Toastmasters to every national & Youngster, through speech craft program and Youth Leadership Program.

We hope 2021 will bring more peace & prosperity among members so we can continue our journey of Toastmasters by self development and pay it forward the benefits we achieved from toastmasters

Wishing members a Happy new year

Khalid Abdulla Yaqoob, DTM

Program Quality Director

Simon Sinek once said, “When we help ourselves, we find moments of happiness. When we help others, we find lasting fulfillment”.

Good day District 20 leaders,

How many of you can remember vividly the first experience with our beloved Toastmasters? I’m sure all of us felt the quality in that first interaction. That moment of truth pulls us to fulfill a need within us in an atmosphere of supportive and positive leaning experience. Maybe we couldn’t find the best word to describe our experiences, but we all felt the quality of the learning experience that was happening in our home clubs.

We join Toastmasters because we feel the positive family and learning experience. We aspire to be like those role models in the club when they fluently and confidently speak. 

We stay in Toastmasters because we keep on discovering something new in ourselves everyday and on top of all reasons to stay is the lasting fulfillment when we serve others. We feel responsible and obliged to support other members the way we have been supported when we first joined Toastmasters. We want the new members to feel the way we initially felt. We want them to see our worlds with our own eyes. That ever lasting fulfillment when we see the development in others through the quality of learning we offer to them.

I’m proud to be a Toastmasters in District 20. Having been introduced to Toastmasters in Bapco Toastmasters Club and all the helping hands I received to have the privilege today to give back to District 20 members and to make them see my worlds of Toastmasters with my own eyes. 

My vision as Program Quality Director is to empower District 20 leaders with needed knowledge to enable members to achieve their personal goals.

I won’t of course be able to do this by myself and I call on every leader of District 20 to replicate the quality of experience you first had in your home club not just to new joiners but to all over District 20 members and beyond.

“Leadership is about empowering others to achieve things they didn’t think possible” – Simon Sinek

Let’s continue to enjoy our learning experience by empowering others to see things they didn’t think possible. Let’s be proud of being Toastmasters in District 20. Let’s put quality first in every interaction we have with others. 

Thank you, District 20 ambassadors.


Khalid Abdulla, DTM

District 20 Program Quality Director 2021-2022

Khalid Jalal, DTM

Club Growth Director

Dear District 20 family member,

We are living an unprecedented period with the COVID19. This has been a real test for our leadership. We came into a crossroad as leaders and that our decision making was tested very hard. Some leaders unfortunately took the easy decision of not continuing with Toastmasters while others kept on believing in their vision and managed to find an alternative to enjoy their learnings.

We have 94 clubs with less than 20 members. We are currently having 55 clubs which are 12 or less members (coaching zone). We have 17 inactive clubs, 9 out of which are corporate. We have 11 clubs with zero members! We are obviously not living the best time for District 20 but that’s the best test for our leadership! How are we dealing with it?

“If the plan doesn’t work, change the plan, not the vision” – unknown

Few days ago, the weather was so nice early morning, it was cloudy, and the temperature was bearable. I thought of having a ride with my bike but I noticed the tire was low on air. I inflated the tire using my air pump and went on my journey. During the trip, some doubts crept into my mind… What if the tire goes flat? At some point of my trip, my focus was derailed from the beautiful weather toward my own negative thinking. At that same time, I was also scheduled to give an address to the Speakers to Trainers program organized by Division F. I was just thinking of the message… what’s the message in the mess? Suddenly, the penny dropped! I was more worried about failure and that’s what took my enjoyment away.

We all go through this cycle of worrying about failure. We start to have such negative thoughts in mind which derail us from enjoying the beauty of the journey. Leadership is all about decision making. Some decides to get stuck with their own negative thoughts, but others thrive and keep laser focused on the vision.

I call on all Toastmasters in District 20 to remind ourselves of the reason behind our stay in Toastmasters. We are here to become better communicators and leaders. We are here to enjoy the journey together. No one can do it alone. Let’s encourage each other to thrive. Let’s remind each other that COVID19 came here not to stay… COVID19 is here to teach us a lesson… Are we learning?