District 20 ToastMasters


Call for Nominations

Greetings District 20 Members!

District 20 is on the lookout for members who are ready to take up the reins of leadership as district officers.

As a district officer, you have the privilege to be the voice of the members with the power to make a change for a stronger and united District at the same time transforming yourself into an influential and visionary leader.  

As a district leader you have opportunity to take your Toastmasters skills to another level of communication and leadership, however always remaining true to the foundation of the core values of Toastmasters International i.e., Integrity, Respect, Service & Excellence. 

“A Leader takes people where they would never go on their own” 

To help chose our future district leaders, District 20 is pleased to appoint DTM Raghavan Menon as the District Leadership Chair for the term 2021-2022. DTM Raghavan is the past District 116 Director and PQD who led the district to #1 in the world in 2019-2020. He was also bestowed the award of the District Toastmaster of the year in 2016.

The District Leadership Chair along with his committee will receive nominations from active members of District 20 for the following District positions for the term 2022-2023:

  • District Director
  • Program Quality Director
  • Club Growth Director 
  • Division Directors (for Divisions A, B, C, D, E, F, G,H, I)

 The activities of the DLC Committee and their corresponding timelines are listed below:

Timeline Activity
1st Nov to 1st Dec DLC Chair selects Members for DLC
10-December-2022 DLC Chair Call for Candidates Declaration for the District Positions
10-January-2023 Deadline for Candidates to declare intent to run
10th Jan- 15th March 2023
  • Submit the DLC Nominations Report to DD (10th Jan- 14th March 2022)
  • DD Publishes the report on the District 20 Website and Election Date for District Position (15th March 2022)

How to Nominate?

The Nomination (via the District Leader Nominating Form) should be sent to both the District Director (d20director@gmail.com) and DLC Chair (ragu3009@gmail.com) by 10 January 2022. Please ensure to sure to include a valid and accurate email address and contact number for the DLC team to contact you.
Nominations may also be made from the floor by any member of the District Council or their proxyholder only if the floor candidate meets the requirements set forth in Article VII (e) of the administrative bylaws and has been evaluated by the District Leadership Committee for that specific role in that election cycle.

Attach the following documents also with the nomination:
– Officer Agreement and Release Statement
– District Leader Biographical Information Form
– List of Club/ District Offices held earlier (snapshot from Toastmasters Profile)

Other Resources:
– District Nominations Schedule
– District Leader Qualifications and Responsibilities
– Candidate Application Checklist
– Candidate Evaluation Form
– Proxy and Elections
– District Leader Competencies
– Process and Guidelines

Note: The list of DLC nominated candidates will be published in the District 20 website six weeks before the Annual District Council Meeting.

For more information about these roles, refer to the District Leadership Handbook and the District Administrative Bylaws, Article VII: Officers and the Bylaws of Toastmasters International in the Governing Documents.

Any further queries, please contact the DLC Chair DTM Raghavan Menon (ragu3009@gmail.com)


Meet our District Leadership Committee Chair