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Messages From District Trio

Khalid Abdulla Yaqoob, DTM

District Director

“A vision is not just a picture of what could be; it is an appeal to our better selves, a call to become something more.” – Rosabeth Most Kanter

Greetings esteemed District 20 members,

As leaders, we always carry our own lenses of the future. All of us have our own vision of the future and out of this we derive our goals. We join Toastmasters for a reason and we stay in Toastmasters to fulfill certain needs.


I invited you leaders to start with the end in mind and ask yourself, where do you see yourself by the end of this term? What goals will you fulfill? How close will you be to your own vision by staying in Toastmasters?


All of the above questions are important for leaders to navigate toward our visions.


If you ask me for my own vision, I see District 20 among the top 8 district around the world by the end of the term!


Yes this sound like a challenging target but trust me all that is needed for us is to follow the 3 pillars and 3 operating principals to succeed.

District 20 Pillars of Success


  1. Success Plan Synchronization

To be able to get to our visions or goals, we need to have plans. It’s very important to ensure all the plans within the levels of District 20 leadership are in sync starting from the District Success Plan towards Division Success Plan, Area Success Plan and Club Success Plan. If these are properly aligned then we will definitely satisfy our members goals and the unity of moving as one family will be satisfied. This year we are not only planning for one term success but rather strategically aiming for a system to ensure sustainable success and that’s the intention of developing a District Strategic Success Plan enabled by the Strategic Planning Committee.


  1. Empowerment

“Where leaders are made” is the tagline of Toastmasters. We need to ensure having a second line or even a third line of leaders ready to take over District & Club Officers. This will be visible by further involving the Assistant Division and Area Program Quality and Club Growth with the devised plans. We need to find talent within clubs and nurture that talent to lead in the future.


  1. Mentoring

We need to utilize the past leaders who have breadth of knowledge to help us with our leadership responsibilities. Being the most senior district in Region 11, we have a breadth of leadership resources in District 20 that we are proud of who filled in all levels of leadership in the district.


District 20 Operating Principals


  1. Commitment

“Commitment is what transforms a promise into reality” – Abraham Lincoln

We need to believe in the vision right at the beginning and commit to it. We can’t achieve anything unless we are all committed as a family to the vision!


  1. Consistency

We need to be relentless in our quest to reach our goals. We need to sustain the commitment we made to ourselves and to each other until the last minute of this term!


  1. Care

We can do it as individuals but this will not take us to our district vision! We need to collectively care for each other’s goals to be able to get there as one united family. I’m sure for example some clubs in the district will achieve 10 DCPs by December end but it’s only when we reach out to other clubs who might not be as fortunate and lend a caring hand to help that we can reach our goals.


Let’s plan together, empower each other and tap on the legacy of mentors we have in District 20 to have a solid ground to build on with commitment, consistency and care. I’m sure we can do wonders as one united district 20 family!


Good luck to us leaders



Khalid Abdulla, DTM

District 20 Director


Tel: +973 39654575

Email: khalid_abdulla@bapco.net

Mona Aloqab, DTM

Program Quality Director

Esteemed District 20 members,

“Today is our opportunity to build the tomorrow we want.”

Years ago, I began a learning journey; a journey to explore how we, as individuals and a collective, can contribute to the growth and excellence of ourselves. Today, we are here to highlight the quality standards and the approach we adopt, to help us strive towards the success of the people we serve in our district, by empowering them through personal & professional development and leading them to becoming more effective communicators and leaders.

Every individual in the world, irrespective of what they do or where they come from, strives to achieve their goals on a daily basis. These goals may come in the form of completing a minor daily task, or taking a single step towards a larger future ambition. Every day, and every step, is essential in our climb up the ladder of success; to serve this constant climb, we need a constant source of positivity, inspiration, and motivation. I believe that this positivity, when focused correctly, can enable anyone to achieve anything they may set their mind to, without distractions from the outside world.

With the 3 E’s, I believe we can strive to achieve anything we set our minds to:

1- Enthusiasm is one of the most powerful engines of success. When you do something, do it with all you might. Put your whole soul into it. Stamp it with your own personality. Be active, be energetic, be enthusiastic and faithful, and you will accomplish your objective. Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm.

2- Energy is the at the core of every success story. Every generational leader, from every walk of life, shares one common trait: motivation. Without the effort, the hard work, and the personal sacrifices required to achieve greatness, every goal looks further than it is. Once that energy transforms from an active effort to a personal characteristic, when it becomes synonymous with the way we approach our targets, everything becomes not only achievable, but easily achievable.

3- And with enthusiasm and energy, comes Excellence. Never settling for less, never being satisfied with just the “good,” and always looking forward to the “great” and the “better.” When we strive to achieve excellence, we create more room for growth, we develop new avenues for improvement, and we turn every satisfying goal into a constantly rewarding journey.

It is with this mindset that, collectively, we can achieve a constant state of growth, success, and support within District 20. It is with this mindset alone that we can put our district on the map, and I believe we have the power to do so.

Reach for the stars,

Mona Abdulla Aloqab,DTM

Program Quality Director


District 20-Toastmasters International

Yaser Alqashar, DTM

Club Growth Director

Respected leaders of District 20,


Our District Director has already mentioned that our Vision is to be one of the top 8 districts in the world. The vision can be achieved if we work with the three C’s – Commitment, Consistency, and Care.


Our PQD mentioned the challenge we are to face in order to become amongst the top 8 districts from the existing 125 districts. But with meticulous planning and setting our targets straight, we can achieve our vision.


As the Club Growth Director, to achieve this vision, we need to focus on the 3 G’s. 



1- Give back: We have gained so much from Toastmasters. Not only has it helped us improve our communication and leadership skills but also it has added a lot to our life, whether at a professional level or at a personal level. So, it is time for us to think back as to how we can give back to toastmasters. Let’s start with sharing the knowledge and skills we have learned within our clubs and beyond.


2- Growth: The district mission is “We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence”.  The growth of your Club, Area, Division, and District depends on many factors and our marketing plan will consider the following: 

               Continuous promotion of Toastmasters throughout your community or organization.

               Focus on new territories like Egypt and Iraq, but not to forget marketing the same in Bahrain and Kuwait.

               Focus on corporate clubs and arrange for the corporate summit.

               How to sell toastmasters as a course and program through Speechcraft and YLP.        

               Recognition for all leaders.

If we work relentlessly and continuously improve on these factors, it will definitely help us to grow and build on our vision. 

3- Glow: To glow, shine and raise our district flag at the next International Convention conference as one of the top 8 districts. We need to believe in the crux of this organization and implement Toastmasters Core Values – Integrity, Respect, Service, and Excellence. Not to forget to add enormous amounts of Commitment, Consistency, and Care.  We can strive in the path of excellence, rising step by step to reach our main goal i.e. to spread the spirit and synergy of toastmasters to every corner of the world.

As always, I believe that the true leader is someone who “LEARNS WITH ENJOYMENT, SHARES WITH PASSION & LEADS BY EXAMPLE”. 

That being said, District 20 leaders, our Glow is in your hands.

“Learn, Share and Lead”.


Yours in Service,

TM Yaser Al Qashar

District 20 Club Growth Director (2022-2023)