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District 20 Newsletter - September 2023

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District 20 Newsletter - December 2021

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We, at District 20 are proud to release a one-of-a-kind newsletter featuring our D20 clubs:

A never before achieved endeavor that brings to light the fighting spirit, unparalleled dedication and the will of each and every member to contribute and achieve something that we are proud of.

Also witness in black and white the histories of Toastmasters in District 20 - their journeys and destinations.

We hope you all enjoy reading!

Yours in service
Allen Paul

District 20 Newsletter - 2022 - 2023

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As our term came to an end,

we would like to share with you all some pieces of us that would remain with you forever. Presenting the end of term District 20 Toastmasters Newsletter filled with personal stories and experiences of our team that was, 2021-22

Enjoy reading and stay inspired.

Best regards
Areej Jafaar, DTM



District 20 Public Relations Manager presents to you the District 20 Newsletter for the term 2022 – 2023. This is our token of love to all our District 20 family members.

Keeping our vision in mind, let’s throttle ahead with Commitment, Consistency and Care.

We are so close to achieving it, let’s go the extra mile like our beloved District 20 Director says!
The countdown to achieve the dream begins – let’s do it together as one family.


تقدم لكم مدير العلاقات العامة في القطاع 20 – مجلة القطاع 20 لعام 2022/ 2023.
كبادرة حب منا الى جميع افراد عائلة القطاع 20.

ولكي نبقى الهدف امام اعيننا لنسعى لتحقيقه، لنتقدم اذا بإلتزام اكثر ومواظبة واهتمام ❤️

نحن قريبون جدا من تحقيق الهدف، هيا بنا نخطو خطوات كبيرة كما يقول مدير القطاع 20 – العد العكسي لتحقيق الهدف .. قد بدأ!

لنعمل على تحقيقه معا كعائلة واحدة.

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