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District 20 DLC Nominated Candidates 2024-25

Candidate Showcase

The Candidate Showcase provides an opportunity for voting delegates to hear candidate presentations and listen to them answer questions. All candidates, opposed and unopposed, participate in the showcase.

Nominated Candidates for District Director

Yaser Alqashar, DTM

With over two decades of engineering and Toastmasters experience, including DTAC 2021 chair and Club Growth/Program Quality Director, I, DTM Yaser Alqashar, seek your support as District Director for 2024-2025, committed to fostering growth, excellence, and solidarity.

بخبرتي التي تمتد لأكثر من عقدين والتي جمعت بين الهندسة والتوستماسترز، بما في ذلك رئاسة ديتاك 2021 وتولي منصب مدير نمو الاندية وجودة البرامج، أسعى، أنا، التوستماستر المتميز ياسر القشار، لدعمكم كمدير للقطاع للفترة 2024-2025، ملتزمًا بتعزيز النمو والتميز والتضامن.

Mohamed Saleem, DTM

"Let's move together as a family, uniting our strengths for District 20's revival. Embracing a spirit of teamwork and drawing from 22 years of Toastmasters experience, I, Mohammed Saleem, DTM, am your servant leader, committed to fostering our legacy through heartfelt, collective leadership."

Nominated Candidates for Program Quality Director

Khalid Jalal, DTM

"Dedicated to excellence, I, Khalid Jalal, aspire to be your PQD. Let's unite for the change towards excellence, to enhance learning, celebrate achievements, and create vibrant Toastmasters experiences. For a dynamic District 20 where excellence thrives—vote for Khalid Jalal"

Seham Mohamed, DTM

As Program Quality Director, I am dedicated to empowering each member's journey with empathy, collaboration, and a passion for growth. Committed to fostering excellence and vibrant club growth, with a track record of leadership and strong communication skills.

بصفتي مدير جودة البرنامج، أنا ملتزمة بتمكين رحلة كل عضو بالتعاطف، والتعاون، والشغف بالنمو. ملتزمة بتعزيز التميز ونمو النوادي النابضة بالحياة، مع سجل حافل من القيادة والمهارات القوية في التواصل.

Nominated Candidates for Club Growth Director

Peethambaran Nair, DTM

“As your trusted leader for CGD, my focus is on bolstering club membership, promoting inclusivity, and fostering growth. United, we will build a thriving community that upholds our District Mission and celebrates every contribution. Together, we RISE !

صفتي قائدا موثوقاً به لمنصب مدير نمو الأندية، فإن تركيزي ينصب على تعزيز العضوية، الشمولية، والنمو لأندية القطاع. معاً، سوف نبني مجتمعًا مزدهرًا يدعم مهمة القطاع ويحتفل بكل مساهماتكم. معا ننهض

TM Dahlia Eldeeb

Bringing 16 years of Toastmasters experience and an unwavering passion for the organization, I combine teamwork and leadership with boundless enthusiasm to sustain and expand membership and clubs within our beloved district, fostering growth and vitality.

دعوني أطلعكم على خلطتي السحرية لتنمية العضوية والنوادي في قطاعنا: 16 عامًا من الخبرة التوستماسترية، مع الكثير من الشغف بهذه المنظمة العريقة، وكميات كبيرة من الحماس بالإضافة للمكونات الرئيسية من العمل ضمن فريق من أصحاب الفكر المشابهة والقيادة الواعية.

Nominated Candidates for Division Director

Nominated Candidate for Division A Director

Mohammed Mashkoor, DTM

"As a candidate for Division A in District 20 Toastmasters, I vow to serve with integrity, foster growth, and empower members to excel in their communication and leadership journey. Together, let's spark success and inspire greatness."

Nominated Candidates for Division B Director

TM Nawarra Al-Awqati

For two years since Iraq became districted, "We are making history" has been our mantra. As the first Area Director, I've led with outstanding success. Excited for more firsts and successes with my Toastmasters family. Let's continue making history together.

TM Ravi Marath

I, Ravi Marath, a dedicated and experienced toastmaster and servant leader, happy to serve you in your quest for self-development and leadership. United, we can achieve results and celebrate successes. Together let’s march towards excellence - Vote for me.

Nominated Candidates for Division C Director

Viqaruddin Mohammed, DTM

"With a firm belief in teamwork, I'm committed to 'Teamwork makes the dream work.' Let's build a brighter future for District 20 together."

Ahmed Rizvi, DTM

Bringing my 26 years of Toastmasters experience, I’m committed to enhancing service quality, quantity, and unity as Division Director. I’ll drive alignment with member, club, and district goals to foster Toastmasters values and success.

Keyem Thomas, DTM

My prime goal is to foster an inclusive atmosphere for members to learn and grow. And committed to promoting teamwork and best practices among clubs. Let's create an empowering environment where everyone can grow as leaders, and achieve their goals.

Nominated Candidate for Division D Director

TM Abdulla Madan

As Division D Director, I aim to strengthen the foundation laid by past leaders and collaborate with area directors to achieve membership growth and educational excellence. Drawing on my experience in community and corporate clubs, I'm committed to achieving success.

Nominated Candidate for Division E Director

TM Vikram Joshi

A chartered Accountant by Profession, Toastmaster by Passion and a Friend at heart. I Love to meet new people and make friends and toastmasters has given me that opportunity. Now It’s Time to give back what I have learned.

Nominated Candidate for Division F Director

TM Jamaluddin Shaik

Promoting collaboration and coordination among members enhances our Toastmasters experience, fostering loyalty. Through innovative education approaches and a focus on sustainable growth, as Division Director, I strive to excel in our goals, ensuring success within the division.

Nominated Candidate for Division G Director

TM Soha Kotb

As Division G Director, I prioritize fostering growth, collaboration, and excellence within Division G and District 20. I aim to empower areas, building communication bridges between Kuwait and Egypt, promoting a supportive environment for communication and leadership development for members to thrive.

Nominated Candidate for Division H Director

TM Sunil N.S

I am Sunil N S, a Toastmaster since 2013, and I am contesting for the post of Division H Director. I would greatly appreciate your support and consideration for this position.

Nominated Candidate for Division I Director

TM Mubarak Nass

Committed to Toastmasters, I aspire to be Division I Director, creating a team spirit, encouraging growth, and introducing tech-driven ideas. Helen Keller said, "Together we can do so much." Let's work as one to make Division I excel in Toastmasters.

ولأنني ملتزم بمنظمة التوستماسترز، فإنني أهدف إلى أن أكون مدير القسم I ، حيث أخلق روح الفريق، وأشجع النمو، وأقدم أفكارًا تعتمد على التكنولوجيا. قالت هيلين كيلر: "معًا يمكننا أن نفعل الكثير". دعونا نعمل كفريق واحد لجعل القسم I متميزًا في التوستماسترز.