District 20 ToastMasters


Clubs Alignment

The District Alignment Committee considers several factors when recommending alignment changes. Clubs are assigned to an Area based on geographic proximity to other clubs, the availability of an Area Director to effectively provide service, club size and strength, prospective clubs and expected growth, and the likelihood of eligibility in Distinguished programs. Advanced clubs may not be segregated into Areas. Areas cannot be segregated by club type. Clubs that charter after the alignment is approved by the District Council must be placed into existing Areas.

District Structure, Section 1(D) The best interests of the clubs and District are taken into consideration when assigning clubs to Areas. Areas consist of four to six clubs; however, an Area may consist of three clubs on July 1 only when an effort to charter a fourth club is in process. Under no circumstances may an Area have more than six clubs on July 1. Advanced clubs may not be segregated into Areas. Areas may be segregated by language, subject to the approval of the District Council. Districts assign clubs to Areas based upon: Geographic proximity to other clubs. The ability of an Area Director to effectively provide service club size and strength (e.g., paid, active, disbanding) prospective clubs and expected growth. The likelihood of eligibility for Distinguished programs (e.g., club base of the Area or Division)

Check the reference on District Leadership Handbook Page 18-19

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