District 20 ToastMasters


Tips for Delivering a Good Speech

     We all love to deliver an interesting speech and that can be done only if we are confident.

So let me give you a few tips you can use while giving a speech…

1. While we talk usually our hands hang loosely , avoid that. Try to use gesture and hand movements as non verbal communication. It shows you are involved. Keep the palm of our hands are facing each other and gently place the tips of your fingers together.

2. Voice modulation or “vocal variety” is a very important way to convey our feelings.
Introverts in particular may struggle with vocal variety because it calls attention to yourself. Here’s a reframe: You’ve worked hard to accumulate your knowledge, skills and ideas. You’re calling attention to your ideas.

3. Share your experiences and story with emotions. So when you feel proud of an idea or care about something, don’t act casual. Instead, speak with gratitude and motivation. Share your thoughts with power and emphasis.

4. Take a pause for yourself and the audience to assimilate what you talk and react. Take a pause to breathe. It will help you overcome the nervousness

5. Practice your speech in front of a mirror many times. This will make you incorporate body language, voice modulation, pause and tell the speech with conviction.

Happy Speaking.

TM Vijayalakshmi Krishnan